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MLGA rules, Policies,
& procedures


MLGA Rules, Policies, & Procedures

Rules of Play

  • The United States Golf Association (USGA) Rules will govern all play unless local rules prevail.

  • Valid USGA Handicaps are required to play in all MLGA tournaments.  Diamond Division members who have yet to establish a handicap will have a season long goal to begin to post scores to establish such.

  • All members must post individual tournament scores that are accurate and complete. On tournament days, team scorecards must be legible, signed, and attested.  The golf staff and the Club Handicap Committee are responsible for reviewing scorecards and ensuring compliance with these policies. NOTE: On Tournament Tuesdays, The Golf Team will post all scores that are postable.


Tuesday Tournaments

Sign Up Process for MLGA Tuesday Tournaments

  1. To enter a tournament, members must sign up by 4 PM on the Sunday prior to the event on ForeTees, at the Golf Shop, or by phone.  Members wishing to sign up after the Sunday deadline should call the Golf Shop and will be placed on a Waiting List.

  2. Players who withdraw from a tournament must notify the Golf shop by 12 PM the day before play (Monday).  Players who do not withdraw by 12 PM or do not show up may be ineligible to play in future tournaments.

  3. Players who wish to sign up for a tournament that is a “play with your team or partner” event and do not have a team or partner should contact Kristina if you play in the 18-Hole Division and Pat Ross if you play in the 9-Hole Division, who will place them in a group (561-288-3315).


An Overview of the Tournament

NOTE: To coordinate the logistics of fair competition for each division and utilize a “shotgun” start that will enable the camaraderie of eating lunch together as a group the following timeline will be used each Tuesday. This timeline may alter based on total participation levels within each division. Pace of Play guidelines are vital to execute the time sensitivity of having a shotgun start for each division (see “Pace of Play Tips” section).


  • Monday afternoon—pairings and tournament instructions will be sent to all members who signed up for the tournament through the ForeTees email.

  • 7:30 AM – 10:00 AM Continental Breakfast

  • 8:30 AM  18-Hole Division Shotgun (9 Holes only)

  • 10:30 AM  9-Hole Division Shotgun/18 Hole Division Shotgun (Remaining 9 Holes Only)

  • Lunch following golf (indoors) with all divisions

  • 1:30 PM Diamond Division Shotgun (or clinic).


Day of Play Instructions and Procedures

            Prepare for Arrival

  1. Details for all events are located on ForeTees.

  2. Players can find information about inclement weather on the ForeTees website and app. Communications regarding any weather delays or other relative event information will be communicated through ForeTees email the evening before an event and/or the morning of event.

  3. Upon arrival, players should be knowledgeable of the day’s format for what was signed up for as well as the starting time and pairings. Event format rules and parings are sent via email from the ForeTees email.

  4. All groups and pairings are final. No exceptions.

  5. Flights will be determined by the number of registered players.



  1. Players should check in 30 minutes before the shotgun in the golf staging area to assure a smooth and coordinated event. At that time rules sheets and scorecards will be distributed, as well as staging of golf carts to assure the event starting on time.

  2. Players are encouraged to eat a healthy breakfast, warm up properly, and hydrate.

  3. Players should be prepared with golf balls, tees, and ball markers.


During Play

  1. All players are expected to maintain pace of play, 2 hours per 9. Four hours or less for 18 holes.

  2. All players must obey cart signs and cart rules of the day.

  3. Players must record accurate scores: No mulligans; if a player swings and misses, it counts as a stroke.

  4. Scorecards must be completed during play with legible numbers

  5. All players must assure that their scores are entered into the Golf Genius App during play after each hole.

  6. All putts must be holed out to count for the team’s score, unless instructed otherwise by the Golf Professionals due to event format. In Best Ball tournaments, for example, we strongly encourage any player that is out of the hole to pick up for pace of play purposes and follow the USGA Guidelines for not holing out. Please see below guidelines for not holing out (picking up when out of a hole).

  7. If a ruling is uncertain during tournament play, call the Golf Shop for direction. In the case of a stroke play event the player can play two golf balls and keep a score for each ball. After play, the professional staff will render a decision. In Match Play keep play moving and the professionals will make a decision once the round is completed.

  8. If inclement weather enters the area and the siren is sounded, players should mark their golf ball with a tee and return to the staging area immediately.




























Golf Course Care

  1. Monitor golfers in your group and give a courteous “don’t forget to fix you ball mark or divot.”

  2. Bring sand with you to the fairway when you or those you are playing with have passed the “cart signs” or on cart path only days.

  3. Always remember to fix your ball marks, especially when the flags are at the back of the greens.

  4. Follow cart signs, and never drive over curbs surrounding tees and greens.

  5. Always pick up your feet on the green.  We recommend flat soled shoes for anyone who has any medical issues that limit mobility.


Completion of Play

  1. Upon completion of play on ladies days, players will return their scorecard to the designated scoring area.  The scorecard must be legible, complete, and signed or it will not be accepted.  The Golf Professionals will notify players if there are any scoring discrepancies.


Tournament Etiquette

  1. Abusive behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct by any MLGA member, either to the staff or fellow members, will not be tolerated and may be subject to further action.

  2. MLGA members should place their mobile phones on “silent mode” during tournaments.  Texting is discouraged.

  3. Play well, play fast, play poorly, play faster.


Pace of Play Tips

  1. Slow play is not acceptable.  It is the responsibility of each player to play in four (4) hours or less (2 hours or less for 9 holes).  Players must keep up with the group in front of them.  Rangers will be monitoring play and will assist players who have fallen out of position when able.

  2. Players should play “Ready Golf” on the tee box of each hole.

  3. When riding in a cart with another player, first drive to the ball farthest away from the hole and let that player get out of the cart and choose her club(s).  Then the other player should drive to her ball.  This will save 1 to 2 minutes a hole; throughout an entire round that is a significant savings in time.

  4. Players should take enough clubs with them to ensure choices for each shot.  This will prevent a player from needing to walk back to the cart and get another club.

  5. Players should go through shot measurements and pre-shot routines while the other players in the group are hitting.

  6. Players should park at an exit point where the group behind them can hit once their group walks off the green.  Players should NOT park a golf cart in front of the green.

  7. Players should read their putt while the other players are putting to ensure their readiness when it is their turn.

  8. The first person who finishes out the hole should pick up the flagstick to have it ready to place in the hole once the group is finished putting out.

  9. Always write the score for the hole on the scorecard and in Golf Genius when the team gets to the next tee.

  10. To speed up pace of play, particularly during a tournament, players should pick-up when they are out of a hole.  They should record the score they would have most likely made. 


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